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Welcome to our website. We are a North Vancouver tree service with a passion for trees, knowledge, our clients, and arguably, one of the most exciting jobs out there, climbing trees! We go above and beyond to provide exceptional tree care utilizing the industry’s most leading-edge information and equipment. We pride ourselves in being a part of the new era of arboriculture emphasizing safety, knowledge, and ecologically conscious decisions. We only use eco-friendly and vegetable-based oils for our chainsaws, as opposed to the carcinogenic, petroleum-based oil traditionally used. This ensures that your property and your children’s or pet’s roaming grounds are kept clean and free of harmful compounds. ArborGreen prides itself in always putting the needs of its clients and their trees ahead of profit, striving to build lasting relationships within our community. We offer competitive prices and unbeatable service. We are an evolving and growing business that promises to remain a small business at heart, with passion and excellence at the forefront of our operation. Let us show you what passion and expertise can do for you and your property. Call us today, we would love to hear from you!

Tree Services

We service North Vancouver, North Shore, West Vancouver, the Sea to Sky Corridor, and the Gulf Islands

​When properly cared for and maintained, trees increase property value and provide us with one of our most beautiful landscape features. They shade us from the sun, clean the air we breathe, provide us with privacy, and keep us connected to mother nature.

Trees may be the first thing we notice when we arrive on a property, but it is the hedges and shrubs that take up the majority of our landscape on the ground. Most species of hedges need to be trimmed and shaped right from their initial installation and require a regular maintenance schedule.

Pruning trees properly requires a great deal of knowledge and expertise. Improper pruning done by an inexperienced individual could result in permanent damage or even lead to the death of the tree.

Often times, building a new home or structure requires the removal of the trees in a given area to create room for development. This commonly includes lot clearing and often involves tree felling.

Many strata-managed housing and commercial properties require annual maintenance and care of their trees, shrubs and hedges. ArbrorGreen offers annual maintenance schedules that are tailored around our clients’ needs and budgets.


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