Common Equipment Used in the Tree Service Industry.

Common Equipment Used in the Tree Service Industry.

The tree service industry is a highly specialized trade and as such has industry specific equipment that professional arborist and tree service company’s commonly use. There are some tree services that are not exactly operating to today’s industry standards. Observing what equipment they use can give you an idea of the level of professionalism of the tree service company you are considering hiring.


If a tree service shows up in a 30 year old pick up truck, this may be an indicator of a less than reputable or desirable tree service. A professional tree service should have a well maintained chip truck with a dump box on the back. This chip box on the back is the enclosed box that holds the wood chips from the wood chipper.

Wood Chipper:

Most tree service company’s will utilize a wood chipper for disposing debris. This machine chips up all the branches and brush produced during tree care operations into wood mulch. Often you can keep the wood chips produced for your garden beds!


Anyone performing tree cutting of any kind whether they are a professional tree service company or a homeowner is going to be using a chainsaw. That being said there are 2 classes of chain saws: Professional level and homeowner level. You want to hire a tree service provider with professional and up to date equipment. Avoid tree services with very old and out dated looking chainsaws and look for companies with new or well maintained equipment. Stihl and Husqvarna are the most common professional level chainsaws.

Climbing Gear:

The tree climber is the individual that does the climbing and removal or pruning of the trees. A tree climbers list of equipment can be fairly extensive and varies according to climbers preference. That being said here is a list of the equipment that all professional tree service climbers will utilize.

1) Harness (also known as a “saddle” or “climbing belt”) :

The climbers harness is the heart of their equipment. It is required to climb a tree no matter what climbing technique is being used. It is the point of attachment for all of the climbers other gear as describe below.

2) Work Positioning Lanyard :

The climbers lanyard is the rope (usually with a steel core) that is attached on one side of the harness, brought around the trees trunk and attached to the other side of the harness effectively keeping the climber in the tree.

3) Spurs:

Climbing spurs or gaffs are essentially metal spikes that are attached to the climbers boots to allow them to stab into the tree aiding in climbing and maneuvering about the tree. Climbing spurs should only be used during tree removals as the spurs leave small holes (wounds) in the trees trunk. Climbing arborists should utilize spur-less climbing techniques for pruning.

4) Ropes:

Ropes are used for ascending and descending into the canopy, during rigging applications, for lowering and raising tools as needed by the climber and as a safety line.


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