Have you ever seen a climbing arborist working at heights of well over a hundred feet off the ground? Neither had owner and operator Dylan Stanlow until he watched his father perform these incredible feats at the young age of 8. This ignited Dylan’s passion for the tree service industry and his dream to become a climbing arborists. When Dylan’s father retired from the industry Dylan obtained a job logging where he continued to develop his industry skills and expertise.  Dylan then went on to work with multiple tree services both big and small on the Sunshine Coast and eventually in Vancouver where he became an ISA Certified Arborist and started his career as a full time climbing arborist. 

What made him take the big step of launching his own company?

Have you or someone you know ever hired a tree service only to find holes in the yard, debris in the garden bed, or saw dust all over the house? Or perhaps you have seen an improperly pruned tree driving through the neighborhood that looks disfigured and aesthetically displeasing? As Dylan came to observe, these issues are all to common in the residential tree service industry and it did not sit well with him being paid to cut corners. Dylan realized he had the expertise and more importantly, a sincere passion for the industry and the customers that could allow him to run a successful tree service company himself. He envisioned a company driven by passion and the strong work ethic he was raised on where cutting corners would not be an option and the clients needs would always come before profit. ArborGreen Tree Care Specialists was born. 

If this is the sort of company you want to hire, call ArborGreen Tree Care Specialists today to schedule a free consultation or estimate. We are passionate about what we do and who we do it for, let us show you! 



We promise to always provide honest information regarding your tree and hedge health and condition, putting your needs before profits.


You can rely on us to always respond to inquiries in a reasonable time frame and to always arrive when we say we will.


We take immense pride in our work, we treat your property as if it were our own, with the utmost care and attention to detail.


Safety is our utmost priority and all work is carried out to meet ANSI Z133 standards.


We care for the environment, for the trees, for our customers and for the community. Doing the right thing will always come before profit.


Choosing the right Arborist or tree service in North Vancouver can be tough. There are large companies with a fleet of trucks that cost a fortune, often overlooking the finer details in their efforts to keep up productivity. There are guys with a pickup truck and chainsaw who rarely have insurance or expertise that are a liability waiting to happen. Then you have everything in between, mid-size tree service companies both good and bad. Unfortunately, the tree service industry is not regulated resulting in companies being able to operate with outdated and dangerous equipment, without needing to keep up to date with the industries evolving safety standards, or without learning how to properly care for trees.

ArborGreen Tree Care Specialists is the solution to this problem. We are a constantly evolving North Vancouver tree service with a passion for trees, knowledge, our clients, and arguably, one of the coolest jobs out there, climbing trees! We have a burning desire to provide exceptional tree care utilizing the industry’s most leading-edge techniques and technology. We pride ourselves in being part of the new era of tree care emphasizing safety, knowledge, and ecologically conscious decisions. We only use eco-friendly, vegetable based oils for our chainsaws, as opposed to the carcinogenic, petroleum-based oil traditionally used. This ensures that your property’s and your child or pets’ roaming grounds are kept clean and free of harmful compounds.


ArborGreen prides itself in always putting the needs of its clients and their trees ahead of profit, striving to build lasting relationships within our community. We offer competitive prices and unbeatable service. We promise to remain a small business with passion and excellence at the forefront of our operation. Let us show you what passion and expertise can do for you and your property! Call us today, we would love to hear from you!