Do I Need a Landscaper or Tree Service? Your Information Guide

Do I Need a Landscaper or Tree Service? Your Information Guide

What is the Difference Between a Landscaping Company and a Tree Service Company?

When it comes time to have some of your trees, shrubs or hedges maintained, you may wonder if you should be calling a landscaper or a tree service, and why? This can be confusing as both landscapers and tree service companies offer similar and sometimes identical services. Here are the key differences which will help you know who to call when the time comes.

Here’s the deal:

Landscapers deal with most all natural landscape features on the ground level of your property; They maintain lawns, gardens, and shrubs. They also install irrigation and sprinkler systems. Additionally, most landscapers are capable of maintaining small trees, hedges and shrubs. However, when you have larger trees or hedges that require work at heights over 16′, this may be the appropriate time to call a tree service.

The scoop on Tree Services:

A Tree Service is staffed with professionals and often certified arborists (whats an arborist?) trained specifically for removal of large or hazardous trees of all species, sizes and location. Specialized rigging techniques as well as specialized equipment are used to safely remove your trees without damage or injury. This work falls out of the scope of a landscaper and should be performed by a reputable tree service company. Landscapers rarely have the same training or equipment used by a tree service. Because of the inherent risk of the job, a tree service company will carry different insurance than a landscaping company. A landscaper is generally only insured for work at heights not exceeding 16 feet. A tree service, on the other hand, will generally carry a minimum of $5,000,000 general liability as well as the appropriate WCB coverage for the full scope of tree care operations which covers work above 16′ off the ground.


One other thing to keep in mind is that a tree service will generally charge more than a landscaper due to several reasons. You pay for their expertise; tree removal requires a high level of skill, knowledge and experience to be carried out safely and effectively.  A tree service also has much higher overhead, expensive equipment, and as a result of the inherent risk of their scope of work, they will pay considerably more for their insurance coverage. The end result is an overall higher industry rate.

Decision making:

Now that you know what differentiates a tree service company from a landscaping company, lets put it together. If you require hedge or tree work, consider what your are having done and if the work involves working at heights or around potential targets such as your home or other landscape features. There is no reason to spend more money with a tree service if the work can be done just as safely and professionally by a landscaper. However, at the end of the day, a tree service company has staff that are trained to deal with the dangerous task of large tree and hedge maintenance and more often than not, a landscaper is not. The last thing you want is an under-insured or inexperienced landscaper trying to perform the duties of a professional climbing arborist or tree service risking injury to themselves, you or your property. If it can be done from the ground, save the money and call the landscaper. If it requires working at height or around potential targets call an arborist or reputable tree service company. Need some tips for hiring a tree service?

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