How To Deal With Snow Weighing Down The Branches On My Trees And Hedges.

How To Deal With Snow Weighing Down The Branches On My Trees And Hedges.

A beautiful snow day in Vancouver can also mean problems for your natural landscape. Snow and ice storms can severely damage your trees, hedges or shrubs. The weight of the snow or ice can flatten hedges, break branches off from the main trunk, and can even topple entire trees over.

Here Are Some Helpful Tips For Dealing With Storm Damaged Trees, Hedges or Shrubs:

If addressed early, it is sometimes possible to use a broom or rake to brush off snow as it begins accumulating on your trees, hedges or shrubs. Most often however, the accumulation of heavy snow or ice is best left to melt and fall off the tree naturally. Trying to remove the snow or ice yourself can do more harm then good and can also be quite dangerous. Never attempt to shake snow or ice off the branches. This can often lead to the branch breaking or springing back up suddenly which has the potential to cause bodily injury as well as more harm to the plant. So please, be patient and allow time for the snow or ice to melt naturally. After the snow has melted, you can then assess the tree for damage and determine what, if anything, should be done. Often the tree will recover on its own but this is not always the case.

Assessing and Dealing With Damage After the Storm: 

  • Do not go near any trees that are in contact with power lines.
  • Be careful of any branches that have broken and are hung up in the tree, they could fall at any time.
  • Avoid the use of a ladder. If a branch can only be reached by a ladder, this may be a good time to call a professional Arborist or tree service. It is never advisable for a homeowner to use a ladder to prune trees, even more so when there is snow or ice on the ground as this only increases the likelihood of injury.

With these safety precautions in mind, it is time to inspect and assess the tree for damage. Look at the tree from all angles making note of any broken branches. If there is any damaged branches that are out of reach, especially those that have broken entirely and are still hung up, contact a professional Arborist or local tree service right away. Broken branches can fall at any time, and although they may look small from the ground, some branches can weigh several hundred pounds and can pose a serious risk to people or property. Remember to always put the safety of yourself and others first, do not attempt to prune large or hard to reach branches without first consulting a professional arborist.

Considering calling a tree service or arborist? Make sure to ask these questions.

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