The Importance Of Our Trees

The Importance Of Our Trees

Please take a moment to take 3 deep breathes. Inhale.. exhale..

That little moment of quite enjoyment was afforded to you by our beloved trees. We already know that trees produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, but what else do they do for us?

Here are 10 Reasons to plant and care for trees:

1) Trees are one of our greatest allies against global warming.

Excessive amounts of carbon dioxide produced both by the environment and by humans are contributing to climate change in a big way. Trees absorb this harmful heat trapping carbon dioxide and in return provide us with oxygen to breathe. The average westerner generates approximately 2.3 tons of CO2 per year. The carbon footprints of 18 of these people can be neutralized by one acre of hardwood trees.

2) Trees clean our air.

Trees clean our air of more than just carbon dioxide. They also absorb odors and other pollutants we find in our urban environment, as well as filter particulates out of the air by trapping them on their foliage and bark.

3) Trees cool our yards and community spaces during the hot summer months.

There’s nothing quite like cooling off under a beautiful green canopy during a hot summers day. Shade is the most obvious way trees keep us cool during the summer but there is another way they help cool the air around us. Trees release water into the atmosphere through their leaves in a process known as transpiration. The water is released in the form of water vapour which than cools the surrounding area, contributing to a trees overall cooling effects.

4) Trees are therapeutic. 

Studies have shown that patients in recovery may heal faster and more efficiently simply by having trees visible from their windows. Trees have also been shown to help alleviate symptoms of ADD in children. This can be an effective alternative to traditional medicinal and behavioral treatments. There are many other studies relating to the psychological and cognitive benefits of trees in our immediate environment. Try to go for a walk in the forest and not come out happier and more relaxed, I bet you can’t do it!

5) Trees conserve energy. 

Trees placed strategically around your home can cut down the need for air conditioning in the summer months dramatically, saving money and the environment by reducing carbon dioxide and other harmful pollutants used in manufacturing and transporting.

6) Trees increase property value. 

Beautiful and well maintained trees can increase the value of your property by as much as 15%. On the other hand, poorly maintained or placed trees as well as hazardous trees can actually decrease the value of your property on the market. Hiring a local tree service or arborist to make the most of your trees can be a great investment for your property.

7) Trees create privacy.

Trees are one of our most efficient and beautiful means of providing our properties with privacy or to block unwanted views. They give us privacy from neighbours and the outside world giving us a beautiful green space to call our own. They act as a sound barrier muffling noise from nearby roads and traffic as well as absorbing wind, dust and the glare of the sun.

8) Trees provide food and shelter. 

Trees are not only an excellent source of a variety of fruits for our enjoyment, but they are also a source of food and shelter for a whole ecosystem of animals and insects.

9) Trees increase traffic for businesses. 

Studies have shown that the more trees and landscaping a business district has, the more consumers will come to the area. A street with trees is much more inviting than one of concrete and steel.

10) Trees help prevent erosion. 

A trees canopy will collect rain water and slow runoff helping to reduce erosion to the soil and other landscape features below.

These reasons and many more are good cause to appreciate and care for the trees on our properties, in our communities and in our forests. If you have trees on your property and have any questions concerning their health, condition or methods of care, contact us today at ArborGreen Tree Care Specialists for a free estimate or consultation.

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